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As I said, yes, kickstarter could work. Sure it's hard to predict how many people will support You. You will know if You do that, just ask Yourself do You want do it. People who create something like graphic/sound/code on good level of quality desrve to be paid for their work. Someones do that kind of work as hobby (and they give us awesome stuff), in spare time between familly and normal job. There are new games for dreamcast, neo-geo, megadrive and many other retro machines.

Anyway if You want to start somethnig on kickstarter:
-make regular updates of Your project,
-offer people something in return for their support like early aceess, free final prodcut, ability to desing something small in Your game,
- screenshoots and small demo version, so people will know You work on Your project and it is not another Dizzy/James Pond scam,
- You will be boss for Yourself and You will need to keep Yourslef at work on this project,
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