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Re: Latest WinUAE Kaillera Implementation

Originally posted by Amigaboy
We tested the game with IK+ and it worked flawlessly. I have still yet to master the whole controls thing (with WinUAE Kaillera, not IK+), but I think I can figure it out if I really want to.
I know you like to use the keyboard layouts, they're a bit messed up at the moment.

As I said before, I've only tested it on a LAN, so the quality would definitely be alot better than playing on the net (dialup or broadband), but if what Sane and Torak have said previously are true, I don't think it would matter much since very little bandwidth is used..
100ms and better pings are great for real time games, a 400ms ping would be adequate for turn based.

MAME Kaillera implementations allow you to press 'T' and talk while playing...Sane? Something like that maybe (obviously not using 'T')
I hope to implement a GUI based chat feature, a console would be a nice addition too, but I can't tell if either will make it in the next release.

Overall. A great release, and coupled with the latest WinUAE, it's fantastic. This is definitely the release that will get more people involved in multiplayer Amiga gaming
But a little early, a good little review as always.
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