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Originally Posted by supaduper View Post
Just updated my RDB with Toni`s Ver 19 pfs3aio and its all good

Any noobs who want to do this for partitions less then 5gb in size , just extract pfs3aio from Toni`s download then put it into L: directory.
Then fire up HDtoolbox, then >, Partition Drive >select your first partition then> tick Advanced Options, >Update > input L: pfs3aio into dialog box > Click OK > Save changes to drive.

Your done..enjoy
I'm slightly confused about the larger than 5GB partition instructions Toni put here..

If partition is smaller than 5G: no need to reformat.

If partition is 5G or larger: run pfsdoctor (original version that comes with pfs3 is fine), if no errors found: no need to reformat. If errors found: reformat recommended, pfsdoctor can't fix it properly.

EDIT: Note that original pfsdoctor does not support NSD and does not autodetect TD64/Direct SCSI.
So just to ask for clarity on this.

If the partition is bigger than 5GB, follow the same instructions as you posted for smaller than 5GB partition then run the original PFSDoctor on it and if no errors I'm good to go? If errors then I need to reformat


Do I run the original PFSDoctor BEFORE doing this change over?
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