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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
They won't fit. Arcade sticks are quite big..

The competition pro already uses industrial microswitches, like many arcade sticks do..

If you want to use an arcade stick, it's better to design a new enclosure for it.
Thanks. The arcade stick has arrived today. I've seen that the CPro already uses this same kind of microswitches, so it has been just to replace them and that's all, they fit exactly as them in the same places -black one is the first new one in the photo-,

but they are harder, so more noisy, more like like the CPro that Individual Computers sells, but not exactly the same. The original CPro has a rubber that makes the movement softer (I haven't opened the IC's one, but it seems so).

Now I will buy a couple of sanwa buttons -others seem too long- to replace these as they aren't making any noise when you push them, and I don't like that. In fact they aren't using microswitches but just pushing a plate against another.

So, really, the original Competition Pro is very easy to upgrade . It seems that you can actually use arcade stick microswitches and arcade buttons microswitches in the original Competition Pro joystick extremely easy, just replacing them just to have an arcade stick in your vintage CPro.

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