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Originally posted by Jan

Oh, and it never crashed on me. At work I'm using WinNT 4.0 and this one crashes once a week.
Hmm, didn't have this kind of problem with NT4.xx myself. I did find a bad and/or poorly written device driver a couple of times that caused the main app we used to crash the machine, B.S.O.D., if the display was using 32bit pallete mode :eek but since 16 bit mode was just fine we worked around that problem. I don't recall any machines bahaving this way unless there were some hardware issues. I'd have your IT department look at replacing the RAM first then try again, also found that with NT you can actually get a corrupted swap file. You had to resize it to 2MB, reboot, run the dskchk app on the drive then reboot once more, then you could resize the swap file back to a more normal size
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