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Ahhh I erased the games now and don't remember, but there were a few Swedish games like Guldkorn Expressen, and polish games. Only very few!

Originally Posted by Turran View Post
It took me around 1 hour to unpack the full pack to a .HDF when I started from scratch. I just created a 8GB WHD with PFS AIO 3.0, created a speedy amiga in WinUAE, mounted the dir where I've downloaded the games/demos and the .WHD file.
Which LHA version are you using? Mine feels super slow. I have 2.15 Free, using the 68040+ one on an unhinged superfast cpu setup, and still mega slow.

I am also unpacking directly to the CF, on an FFS partition, that will not help (neither would if I was copying).
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