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Originally Posted by Seiya View Post
I have these files
1) gamebase-setup-v1.3-full.exe
2) gamebase-setup-v1.3-update.exe
3) GameBase Amiga v1.6 Setup.exe
4) GameBase Amiga 2.0.rar
(5) GameBase Amiga v2.1 (database only).zip
Install 1 and then 2.
Don't want to tease you, but please read Wiki before helping other users (

You only need gamebase-setup-v1.3-update.exe if you update from v1.2:
Latest Version Downloads

Originally Posted by Seiya View Post
install 3 and copy file in the Gamebase directory created from 1
Not sure if I get you right, but wouldn't it be easier to install GB Amiga 1.6 right into the GB folder instead of install it anywhere else and then copy it to the GB folder?

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