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Originally Posted by svabos View Post
p I have WinUAE it in "d:\igre\winuae\" and I have installed all of the gamebase versions in a "d:\igre\GameBase\".
Wrong start:
you must use WinUAE included in GameBase Amiga!
in GameBase Amiga you have:


WinUAE that you must use is in "Emulators" folder


I have these files:

1) gamebase-setup-v1.3-full.exe
2) gamebase-setup-v1.3-update.exe
3) GameBase Amiga v1.6 Setup.exe
4) GameBase Amiga 2.0.rar
(5) GameBase Amiga v2.1 (database only).zip
Install 1 and then 2.

install 3 and copy file in the Gamebase directory created from 1
decompress gamebase amiga 2.0 and copy all files in Gamebase Amiga. If you have folder Gamebase Amiga (defualt 1.6 install) you have to change mdb fo 2.0 in GameBase Amiga.mdb.
Use then GBToolBox to associate it to database.

if it works, then update to GameBase Amiga 2.1 in the same way (if you have another mdb you have make the same things)
Use again GBToolBox.

If you emulator are not configured you have to go in "Gemus" menu from GameBase Database and choose "WinUAE v1.4.2a (Joystick)" that should be the first in the list (if not you have to use arrows to put in the first line)

Launch Gamebase Amiga and go in "Tool" and "Available Files" to load them in database.

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