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WinUAE 3.5 has some more add, but there is no problem. i tried a my test gamebase that i (slowly) building dedicated to Amiga PD
i upgraded to 3.5 and works fine.

maybe you should delete contents of winuae.ini and if you havent't this file, create it.
run winuae 3.5 and you are ready to go.

i think it's better not to copy GB 2.0 to GB 1.3/1.6

It's better to have distict GameBase: GB 2.0 e GB 1.6
Rename GB 2.0 (or 1.6) mdb (and relative gamebase folder) to have fun with one and the other.

if you rename GameBase Amiga.mdb in Amiga.mdb, the folder of Gamebase should be renamed "Amiga".
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