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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Amiga users who like unexpanded retro Amiga hardware can continue to use it and those of us who want new enhanced Amiga hardware can use it. Where is the argument? Who can limit our Amiga freedom?
No one restrains anyone's freedom, these are just opinions. I sure hope no one here thinks anything I say is the only true gospel. (If they do please PM me so I can tell you how to give me money! )

You are free to enjoy modern FPGA-based monster 68k-s designed with the weird constraint that they must be stuck to a vestigial outdated A500/A1200. I do not understand why one would want to briddle modern hardware with such a weird constraint, especially to run old software which also depends on an outdated OS.

But it's 100% fine if people like it. And even if it were legal for me to physically prevent you from doing it I would still let you enjoy this weird hobby.

But I also think it is important to mention that this is completely equivalent to strapping a Space X rocket to a Ford Model T and arguing that this makes the Model T relevant or worth using for modern uses.

Why not just use the Space X rocket by itself? Just because you happen to have spare Model T tires in your garage? Really?

Writing software for the stock models however, makes way more sense.
It's like creating nice circuits and shows where the Model T can be appreciated for what it was when it was relevant. It puts its historical significance in an even better perspective because it shows what it could do compared to what other cars could do at the time.

Just like making an almost arcade perfect port of Space Harrier on the Amiga OCS would:
- it would be playable now as-is
- it would be fun and useful (as useful as Space Harrier can be)
- it would be impressive and prove a real point about the machine actual capabilities
- And I would buy it, moreover, because the one we got back then was barely average.
Or make a conversion of Id Software's Catacomb-3D clone on OCS, which is comparable hardware to what that game ran on at the time (286 + EGA).

But run old-software, on an old-OS, faster? Why?
Why not new software? On a practical to use OS? With modern features?

The Amiga experience is outdated. It is only valuable in comparison with the PC-experience or Mac-experience of that era. Even AROS is outdated and if I wanted to use an open source OS I would use Linux, not AROS.

You guys are using hyper modern nuclear powered exo skeletons to move around your 80 years old grand mother when she is perfectly capable of walking by herself and amaze people with her bright intelligence and reduced but still very high agility compared to people her age. It is a disservice to both the exo-skeletons and your grand mother.

Stop being ashamed of her and love her as she is, however handicapped she is compared to young people. She lost her youth, that's life.
She is still damn wonderful though. Do what you can with her while she is still here.

And Akira's ProTracker Turntable software is a great illustration of that: if your grand mother can do something fun and modern why not ask her to do it? Everyone wins!
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