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theres loads of pirates on this board lol
i used to be one, i ran the dark domain bbs using ami-express the gr8est bbs software ever on all formats

it was popular i used to give people insant access to the warez it wasnt hidden away like all the other bbs there were no download/upload limits
i had 1000's of filles
the phone never stopped lol its fun owning a bbs
when the net arrived the calls on my bbs plumeted down and down i never got a single call in 6 months i sadly had to call it a day and pack it up
it was so depressing it took me years to build it up i had to type out thoasands of file descriptions
and commodore had been bankrupt for years at this point

i never had any choice but to pirate i could never afford to pay 30 quid a pop
the only comp i never pirated ever was on my spectrum thats becuase they were cheap 30 quid for a game is a rip off
i did buy a few amiga and atari st games
when i had my spectrum i went round my m8s house he had an st he was playin dungoen master it was awesome so i had to get one alll my m8's had st's no one had amigas probbaly down to commodore only advertising amigas
in amiga mags the only reason i new about the amiga back in my spectrum days was because i used to see screenshots on the back of games of amiigas, i got mine after my st died

the amiga had the best sound chip the most coulours on screen hardware scolling the best graphics the best OS WE RULED THE WOLRD SUPEME FOR 5 YEARS untill commodore screwed it ALL up,only a total idiot would go bust with the best computor ever made,is so depressing ive got tears in my eyes.
i clung on to my amiga for years after it died i was forced to buy a gay pee wee its hard to type my eyes are all blurry
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