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I managed to disable the music in WINUAE + ACTION REPLAY

This is how I did it
use Winuae+Action Replay
when the level is ready to play you must enter Action Replay and type this
M B0EA ---then press enter and type
4E 75 --then press enter again and type X to leave Action Replay

Load the level and make an uncompressed savestate file and open this file up in a hex editor and search for
49 FA 06 8E 4A
and change the 49FA to 4E75 and then reload the savestate back into your emulator

ok after some more looking around I found something very interesting for you to play with.
Once the music has been disabled you can enter Action Replay and go to address BABE
and enter a number such as 01 or 02 ect...
and once you leave Action Replay the sound sample for that number will be played.
A wav file is in the zone containing all the samples from the first level

EDIT #2:
added a second file in the zone containing what I believe are the remaining samples for the other 3 levels
The first 8 samples for level 1 seem to be the same for all the remaining levels.
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