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Shadow of the Beast Legacy semi-project

Hey there guys and gals.
This project's goal is to recreate the definitive versions of all three Shadow of the Beast games in a Mario All-Stars-like package.

SOTB1 - 100% - the game is done, but still requires testing and tweaks. Might add extras to it at a later date.
SOTB 2 - 15% Can run around Karamoon. There are some generic enemies and some unfinished puzzle elements, but not much else.
SOTB 3 - 65% Level 1 and 2 are in, as well as the tilemap and parallax of Level 3.

ATTENTION MAC USERS! By default your machine might suggest that the file is "damaged and should be put in trash", this is due to your security settings. Apple are clever, by default they prevent all apps not downloaded through the appstore from running unless I pay them to put me on a "registered developer" list. Go to your System Preferences>Security & Privacy>General tab. Click the lock icon in the lower-left. This will prompt you to enter password. Now - change the "Allow apps downloaded from:" to Anywhere. Run my game once. Now you can change your security settings back to the way they were - your OS will remember to trust my game.

Windows build
Ouya console build
General Android build (The touch-screen controls are invisible, and incomplete)
Ubuntu Linux build
Mac build

The default controls are:
Cursor - move
Z - Fire
X - Jump
C - cycle through weapons (when you get another one)
Enter - pause
Esc - (once) kill self, (twice) - quit game
You can now redefine keys from SOTB1's main menu.

Xbox360 and PS3, as well as legacy controllers are all supported.
If you are having a slowdown issue - pause the game and disable the controller.

Have fun.

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