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Thoth Amon
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Mac --> Amiga transfers?


First: I am new here.

Second: I have an A1200HD, which I have had in my closet for a few years. I recently pulled it down to play around. I don't have much software - just the Magic Bundle, or whatever it was called, but am interested in getting more.

Third: I read quite a bit of the FAQ which was linked from the "Welcome letter" I received. I did not see any FAQs in regards to transferring files from a Mac. They seem to deal primarily with copying to a floppy (I have no floppy drive on my Mac). I also do not have a CD-Rom on the Amiga. Is there a FAQ dealing with this? If not, any ideas? My Mac has USB ports and a Firewire port, but nothing else. Am I screwed?

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