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Originally Posted by earok View Post
@thairacerjp CDXL conversion is a bit painful because you need to come up with a process for splitting to individual frames and merging them back in with a tool. These days I use FFMPEG on Windows to do the split, and ADPRO in Amiga to do the merge into CDXL.

But of course Blue Thunder and the related games made in the engine use FFMPEG in combination with some custom made tools for the custom format I've made.

Greetings fellow kiwi! Yes, basically any video could be converted to the format, but you'd need to live with limitations on frame rate and resolution (unless you didn't care about CD32 compatibility! If you were only interested in Amigas equipped with hard drives you could probably get away with larger and smoother videos)

Just a reminder - Blue Thunder was only a prototype game of course, TimeGal was the full length game that came out of the experiment, and of course Road Avenger should be out in the next few weeks.
Hi earok ! , i have some problem running ADPro_v2.5.1 on my classic workbench, i have unpacked and after i try to launch and he asked me for
"adpro library ver 3" , i think it's a library to put in "S" folder of the system ?
if you know how to cause i have searched on aminet, eab ftp, but no found......
or may be i need workbench 3.9 ? i 100 % noobs
thanks for your help.

edit a looked about requirement for this program, i have tf328 with 8 mo ram so it shoud be ok !

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