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Thylacine USB Hardware and Software

Wow, that was a surprise! Thanks, Thomas!

I'm afraid I did a very long search for the Thylacine drivers last month when I thought the card would come without drivers. I crawled that site and many other (some illegal) and could not find anything. It took over two weeks to receive the card from Australia and when I got it several days ago with the software, I did not repeat the search. I felt the search would be unnecessary. The web site information seems to have been added this month (garnered from the headline "NEWS: October 2012 Due to a request from the Amiga community..."). Further a German web post seems to put the release date around October 15th, the day before my "embarrassing" post.

I removed the software from the server, and the posts after I was confronted in this thread with my inaccurate statement.

As you may have gathered, I did my search before the developers posted not only the software I needed for the Thylacine card I bought off *Bay, but they have also put out in the open for general use by the Amiga community the schematics and source code for the Thylacine board in case someone or some group wants to build them or perhaps modify them for the Amiga community.

A little bit of information about the card and drivers I received: The Thylacine card is a single port USB 1.1 implimentation on a Zorro II card. The card is low-profile, simple is design and has no odd traces or wires. Although it was released with its own USB stack (which seems from comments on the web to have been used in the OS 4.1 support of USB), it works great with Poseidon software. In fact I did a Hex Read of the Thylacine driver and found that Chris Hodges' was credited for putting the final touches to it. The Thylacine card works under OS 4.1 very well and although a USB 1.1 card, works well with mice, keyboards, printers, and thumb memory devices (don't expect a lot of speed).

Since there are not any USB cards being made (let us say the Spider card is "modified" and requires the Mediator, but will NOT work in OS 4.1), this would be a great project for the production of more Z2 and clock port cards. In another venue, the SL811 USB device reported uses the same chip, is available for 10 USD on *Bay, has data sheets ( ) and open source software ( available.

I hope this clarifies this thread.

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