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Originally Posted by Master484 View Post
Octamed didn't get stuck and played it normally.

Although with Octamed all these mods have one other small problem: After loading them, the speed setting is always wrong at first. For example in this latest mod, the speed sets itself to 033/08. And I then had to manually move it to the correct setting, which seemed to be 033/16. But other than that they seem to play fine.
I had a feeling OctaMED would work, it's my tracker of choice when using a real Amiga. I have had some problems with the patternloop command before when saving my work as MOD rather than MMD.

Although the Speed setting is a little puzzling. Whenever I load a MOD into OctaMED 5 (and above) it switches to BPM instead of SPD. I could never make any sense of MED's SPD setting and always used BPM anyway.

The correct tempo values should be 136 BPM and 24 Vertical Blanks, but I'm guessing that 33/16 is the same thing.

Anyway, you should find the bug fixed module in your gmail inbox. But if it's not there then maybe check the spam folder. Files with attachments from people I have not corresponded with before often end up in my gmail spam folder.
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