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Originally Posted by xpect View Post

This is a keeper for me!

The GUS has more punch on the original samples.
LAPC, better sound on instruments but no punch whatsoever.
The Soundblaster! Man, many, many years without hearing that sound quality. It bring me memories from 1992 when brought modules to play on my cousin's crappy pc.

Do you normalize with Wavelab and VSTdynamics? Or using other program?
Yeah, the GUS really kicks ass....when a game supports it you get some high quality enjoyment out of it, the MT32/GM/SB emu sucks though on it

Just recorded them from my mixer were all soundcards ar connected and then directly to my Mac Pro's built in soundcard @24bit 44100khz and recorded with Audacity then just exported to .ogg without any further processing
So it's a pure analogue recording

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