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Angry Don't you dare ignore me again

I know I start this thread every year but this time I thought of adopting a more aggressive policy, hoping to get at least a dozen of replies.

The 11th Kick Off 2 World Cup will be held in Birmingham, UK on 12th and 13th November at the Menzies Strathallan Hotel.

I get that you are not crazy about Kick Off. I get that you some of you probably haven't played the game in ages. But this is an Amiga game world cup for crying out loud; are there so many of them out there that you can afford to be that picky? Think about it, how many chances have you had lately to be in a room full of Amigas and retro-enthusiastics? Even if you don't feel like playing (although we'd love it if you did), surely it is worth a visit from some members of the ENGLISH Amiga Board considering that this year's competition is held in ENGLAND? Hell, I'd attend a Myst convention if you all decided to come to Athens.

So what do you say people? Two days of mindless Amiga gaming and a chance to test your skills against the world's best, who's up for it?

Kindly stay on topic and don't talk about other games here. Or knock yourselves out and discuss the Peruvian flora for all I care, at least it will keep the thread on float for more days than in the previous years.

Useful links:

Information topic

Registration page

Past Events
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