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I just watched the doc "Brits Who Made The Modern World - series1 - episode3 - computer games. A nicely put together doc on computer gaming.

Elite - a truly groundbreaking game that has been copied often but rarely beaten. A brilliant game which on release appeared in a C4 news report hosted by Jon Snow. It really is amazing how they managed to fit this game into 32Kb of ram.

Back in 1985, me and my older brother visited Dixons and purchased a BBC Micro Model B, a Saisho tape player and a juicy boxed copy of ELITE!

Acornsoft must have made a packet selling copies of ELITE. I remember shops stocking boxes of the game. I played this game until I achieved the elusive elite status. I wrote down the in-game code and sent off for the silver elite badge, which was really cool at the time.

A year passed and along came the best 8-bit computer EVER, the Commodore 64! Firebird handled the conversion of the C64 version of ELITE and was not as fast as the Beeb version. But, it had more colour and docking music!

Why has David Braben/Ian Bell not made a modern version of this game?
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