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Quick update on the status of the new FTP server. The server is ready with all its new disks. Old server would only produce about 360MB/sec (Megabyte) from its Raid1 array (4TB) so we could not saturate the 10Tb NIC, even if we did get it working (which I did not in the old server).

New server produces about 1700MB/sec from its Raid10 array (8TB) so it should not be the bottleneck in our new 10Tb NIC. New disks payed in part from your generous donations =)

Testing the network internally, it also holds up well.
[SUM]   0.00-10.00  sec  10.9 GBytes  9.39 Gbits/sec                  sender
[SUM]   0.00-10.00  sec  10.9 GBytes  9.39 Gbits/sec                  receiver
Externally its a bit worse. I can "only" get 6.5Tb/sec when testing to various sources, but it varies a lot depending on where I'm testing. I suspect the various speed check services are not up to the task of testing 10Gb/Sec yet.

I did contact bredbandskollen and complained about the "slow" 6.5Tb/sec speeds (hehe) and according to them, it should be able to handle it (did not expect that response...) so I don't know.

I might be able to tweak that in the future, but I don't see the EAB FTP getting even close to 6500Mb/sec anytime soon anyway. Heck, it did barely any damage to the previous 1Tb link so I have no idea why I need 10Tb or have spent countless thousands on it... When people ask, I simply say "Would you like a Ferrari if you could get one?".

I'm currently in the process of rsyncing everything over from the old to the new. After I'm done, it should just be a simple firewall change to point you to the new one. We'll see when that happens.
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