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Originally Posted by NLS View Post
I realize it is hard. I wish I had the time.
That's the thing, people ask for it to be cleaned but nobody actually wants to assist due to lack of time...

Originally Posted by NLS View Post
- In the root create a clear tree structure that you want people to follow.
For example "TOSEC" folder and inside "Latest FULL TOSEC" and "TOSEC UPDATES" and "TOSEC SOONERS" etc.
The TOSEC area is already clear / organised.

Originally Posted by NLS View Post
- Everybody with upload access should be instructed to only upload followed by a "read me" file (maybe give them an empty form to use), to explain what was uploaded, where it belongs etc.
Exactly, why doesn't everyone who has an "upload" directory go through what's there, work out where best to move everything and then send me a PM?

I will then move accordingly
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