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Originally Posted by Turran View Post
It was kind of a mess already when I took over hosting it. I would not know what to put where as I don't know what 99% of the stuff is basically, so I've been trying to find someone taking on the job of cleaning it up but so far, nothing constructive has come of it.

I did make an attempt about a year or two ago to clean up the Uploads folders by only allowing the uploader to see their own upload folder. They could upload what they wanted and then let a moderator know so it could be moved to its correct place, but there was an uproar about that so I had to revert it =)

Anyway, since then I have more or less decided that I host it and provide everything around it, but I try to not mess with the contents of it.
I realize it is hard. I wish I had the time.

I propose three things (esp. now that things get larger, so the mess can only get larger):

- Move everything not clearly identified (belonging to a collection or whatever) to a "CLEAN UP" or (a folder name I use for such things) "Area 51" or whatever. People can then go there and help identify things, or let the mess in there just be (under the carpet).

- In the root create a clear tree structure that you want people to follow.
For example "TOSEC" folder and inside "Latest FULL TOSEC" and "TOSEC UPDATES" and "TOSEC SOONERS" etc.

- Everybody with upload access should be instructed to only upload followed by a "read me" file (maybe give them an empty form to use), to explain what was uploaded, where it belongs etc. ...or face removal of the upload after a set period.

Just my 0.5.
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