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Will the articles be released under real names or nyms?
Real names, but you can use an invented real name, if you like. I'm using my own name.

Will the topics be self-selected or assigned?
There will be usually be an ultimate decision maker to keep things moving, but mostly it's democratic and if you want to do something you can go ahead and do it. However, it should all be discussed first, so we know what's happening.

Will we be responsible for selecting screen shots and writing captions/tags, or will an editor do that?
The person reviewing the game or writing the article will grab screens and write captions (unless you're using a real Amiga, in which case someone else will do it). If you don't want to grab screens or write captions, no problem - someone else can it.

Will the articles focus on the Amiga as a whole, or just the gaming aspect?
Pretty much the gaming aspect, but a section on serious stuff would be a valid consideration. Also, a tutorial on writing games in Blitz would be a non-gaming thing that could be included. The amount of recent Amiga coverage is something else that needs to be decided.

How much does it pay? (ha, ha, just kidding).
Only the satisfaction of a job well done!

Would you like to see a "sample" article before you sign on a writer?
It might be a good idea if we don't know someone's writing, but in your case APFelon, we've all read yours and would love to have you onboard.

Will this run like a regular magazine, with deadlines, etc?
Mostly it will be like a regular magazine, tailored to suit our situations.

Will this mag be monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly?
This is another decision that hasn't been made - it might be better to release issues roughly when they are ready instead of working to a deadline, because this is not a fulltime job and we all have lives to lead. But, regular releases are better than having one issue and then not having another one for a year.

How many articles would you like per writer per issue?
Each issue would probably have one to three articles per issue, depending on size and circumstances. There will be lots of special, smaller and regular articles too.
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