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This sounds like something I could be interested in.

While I may hardly be the ultimate Amiga user on this forum, I am first and foremost a gamer... An advantage, actually, since I would be coming in to most games fresh and ignorant (let's not dwell on the "ignorant" part).

I can put together a decent article together when I am serious about it...

Just a few questions, maybe others have these as well:

Will the articles be released under real names or nyms?

Will the topics be self-selected or assigned?

Will we be responsible for selecting screen shots and writing captions/tags, or will an editor do that?

Will the articles focus on the Amiga as a whole, or just the gaming aspect?

How much does it pay? (ha, ha, just kidding).

Would you like to see a "sample" article before you sign on a writer?

Will this run like a regular magazine, with deadlines, etc?

Will this mag be monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly?

How many articles would you like per writer per issue?

Not that your answers to any of these questions would affect my decision to enlist in the project, I am just curious about the minute details.
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