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APoV - The Next Big Project!

The HOL has been released and the updating will be continuing steadily for some time now.

However, there is another new project on the horizon...

It's called APoV - Amiga Point of View!

APoV is an online Amiga retro games magazine in PDF form. It will be much like an old paper-based Amiga magazine in that there will be:

Reviews of games

However, we need more people in the team! So far we have:

[Edited by Cody]

Twistin Ghost' - Concept originator, General publisher (layout etc.), writer
CodyJarrett - Concept originator, Co-Managing Editor, writer
Walker - Concept originator, Co-Managing Editor, writer, walkthroughs/tips
blackcornflake - writer
Steve - writer
APFelon - writer
Shatterhand - writer
Belgarath - writer, walkthroughs/tips

At the moment, we mostly need writers. But remember, the writing needs to be of a professional quality. You'll need to properly play games (good and bad) again to write reviews and do a lot of research for many articles. Think carefully before signing on...

I've uploaded a taster review of APoV into the Zone (writing by me and layout by Twistin') to give you an idea. However, much still needs to be decided: for example, the theme/style of the magazine (both writing and graphics) and other issues.

Post here if you are interested, or PM me.
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