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hey guys ! only amiga..... :D


i'll try to present myself a little. i'm from Lyon france got 36yo. i had amiga 600 when i was kid back in 90s. this is was impressive my old and beautifull CPC6128 can't compare i was so happy. then i decided some years ago to buy back a new A600 with all the stuff (hd version with cute a600HD sticker) and i m back to amiga world since a couple of years. i love electronic informatique and retro gaming. got an arcade sega blastcity cab with super street fighter 2 turbo my favourite game of all time. after arce my best lovely machine are Amiga (i will soon got an AGA one as 1200 is so beautiful and the new kickstarter case make me crazy) and Super Famicom (japanese version only).
most impressive thing i can remember when i first saw amiga is the sound quality.

my english is bad sorry.
very happy to joined
glad to see you
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