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Meanwhile some potential coders/crackers have joined, so
i thought its time to request again in public forum to prevent to wait another 10 years!
And do you think you can motivate someone with this sentence?:
Originally Posted by mai View Post expected, another refusal.
It's a pretty weird way ...
In any case, I will pretend that I have not read and continue on my way.
I tend if possible to be kind and to joke, so ok, all fine

Originally Posted by mai View Post
There is a specific person in this forum (known as good coder/cracker), maybe he gives himself to recognize later.
My original request is more tan 10 years old. I had some chat with this person via private messages.
He told me that he has already created a 4-Disk version with some space for a trainer, but at that time he has not made a proper trainer, so no release until now.
Years ago friendship is broken for various reasons, so cant ask him again.
I don't want to know what you're talking about and in any case it's not relevant to this new thread.

Now I know for sure that it is possible to create a 4 disk version (i'm already removing the checksums on variuos files, phew .. so many ..) so I really think that what your ex-friend told you is very true.
There is also space for a cracktro and trainer (that is not too simple..).

And the fact that something is not released after 10 years (even if practically complete) does not surprise me at all.
You can't imagine how many new versions of crack or new patched games (also partially) lie on my hard disk (and some forum users have those versions ..).
Or intro. Or tools. Or snippets for future routines. Or simply written ideas.
Something is simply missing to make them definitive release (sense of perfectionism?, laziness?, loss of interest? .. there are so many reasons).

This is a hobby, something to maintain active the mind and meanwhile have fun.
And it's very nice to receive praise from other users for the work done (a very great and the only reward).
Aware of being part of the same community where we all have the same (insane ) passion.

Going back to WotD.
At this point I will carry to the end this work, but I will take the time it takes (I hope not 10 years, but I want to think of being free to put as much time I want, so I don't exclude it )

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