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Originally Posted by emufan View Post
ah, ok. can you confirm, it does produce amiga hunk type object files?

Amiga hunk type: sc 3D.c
00000000  000003e7 00000001  33442e63 000003e8  |........3D.c....|
00000010  00000001 74657874  000003e9 000001f6  |....text........|
gcc object type: gcc -O2 -c 3D.c
00000000  00020107 00000940  00000000 00000000  |.......@........|
00000010  00000090 00000000  00000040 00000000  |...........@....|
same src code, 1st build with sas/c, 2nd with gcc.
As far as I can see: When set to GCC mode and using Amiga Classic OS as target OS with the PPC link libraries and doing a simple Hello World in C, the object file is in Amiga hunk format. The resulting executable is a WarpOS executable in this case.


With PPC it is in Extended hunk format (I see hunk 0x4E9 in the object file, next to 0x3E9, 0x3E8 etc.).
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