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Optimized Protracker playroutine?

I'm coding a demo for my A500 now (!). Uncle Tom gave me one of his modules to use in the demo, but I had trouble finding a tracker that could load them, until it worked in 3.00b. (Probably in newer ones too, but I don't have playroutines for those.)

So right now I'm working with the Protracker 3.00b playroutine by Outland and Heatseeker. I've removed the interrupt-timer wait loops (!), I actually start DMA and poke loops with the copper (!). But it STILL takes like 7-8 scan lines every time a new voice is started. So if 4 notes are played at the same track position, the worst case is something like 30 scan lines!!

So does anyone have a great, *Optimized* Protracker 3.00b-compatible playroutine? It doesn't have to use level 6 interrupts, I can fix that.

I remember Tai-Pan of Complex made a Noisetracker compatible playroutine that only took 3 scan lines! If someone has that, I might try to get the module to work in Noisetracker.

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