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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
Telling a developer that they NEED to add features just because it might be able to do it is absolutely ridiculous. If a product does what it is advertised to do, then nothing else should be expected.
Actually... Yes. Nobody can force a developer to do anything. But if you have a bit of hardware that you know your not utilizing to it's full potential, and don't have the time, or resources to go on developing it beyond the current scope, hardware, that from the get go, is aimed straight at enthusiasts, you could, and here is a crazy idea, release the stuff for the community to go on developing the firmware? Unit sold new as it currently is, warranty applies only with official firmware loaded, but the community has, at-least the possibility, to realize some of the features the hardware promises to be able to fulfill. Stuff like graffiti, v-sync, and such.
That doesn't mean there would instantly be a shitload of features, but people could if they wanted start looking at developing it as a community effort. And it doesn't mean Jens cant stick the stuff the community comes up with, in the official firmware, if he wants to. Or do his own development when time is available.

Anyway. I've managed to get some video on my telly. At this point i'm pretty sure it's just me not really knowing what to do with the software thats the main issue over here, and it does what i explicitly need it to. I've still ended up hooking the Amiga to a monitor, and not the TV i bought for the only reason to hook consoles & the Amiga to (don't watch TV, 3 year old unit, less then 100 hours use.) since i've pretty much just given up on getting it to work as "intended".
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