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Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
We have invested a lot of money into your products, personally i own the Indi Mk2 and the Indi Ecs, that's a lot of cash u have made there as these aren't cheap to buy, so why not support your customers a bit better instead of being really unhelpful all the time.

I would of at least expected Vsync support with the MK2, the Indi Ecs has it so why not the MK2, i think a lot of people who bought the MK2 simply presumed it would support Vsync at some stage because the Ecs version did.
Just because you thought they were expensive, that doesn't mean he made a lot of money off it. It is expensive to design this stuff, make several prototypes, put stuff into production, maybe do some redesigns/fixes like with the ACA620 and the Indivision ECS. The scale of mass production today has just made us used to getting stuff very cheaply, but it can only work if you're making millions of units, which clearly is not going to happen with Amiga stuff today.

And did the Indivision ECS have Vsync support? I have one of those, and I haven't seen Vsync mentioned?
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