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Thanks, just downloaded it.

I tested quickly converting a pkg to cpio format and adding to my tape directory, it didn't appear when trying to do an install. I guess a tape with updated OS components + the postinstall stuff could be done quite easilyish (in AMIX, always expect the unexpected... I couldn't untar a damn thing today).

It breaks down to using the full list of changes and applying them OS package by OS package, then rebuilding a tape. The problem for me is I haven't broken the format exactly, since some of the larger bits are gz, but I can't tell what bit tells the installer that. Then again cpio (not my favourite tool) might just ignore and autodecompress gz stuff. Yet more trial and error to do.


Package 00 contains a List file and a Version file. List contains one line per package, including info on whether it's compressed or not with gz. Let's see if I can make the amixpkg command install my postinstall archive. Slight issue, it needs to know the size... And I'm having trouble getting that precisely. To be continued...

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