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Originally Posted by Amiga_CDTV View Post
Huge thumbs up for your efforts Noth

This postinstall-package is just what is direly needed; the whole routine of installing and doing all the patching is a pain, especially when you accidently bork the system and have to do it yet again. The xterm-256-color is a real nice little detail.

Noth, I have the gcc-2.4.5.cpio.bz2 from amix.failsure, and I just tested that I was able to extract it so it appears Ok. If you still need it I can send it to you.
It's been a long time coming but it was worth making, Ideally we need to get it into the patch disk or something, or even better update the tape image to have all the postinstall steps on it so you start with a turnkey system. I reckon it's doable.

For gcc-2.4, could you upload it in The Zone or the ftp server please? Cheers!
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