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Ongoing: repackaging of files to SYSVR4 packages

Title says it all. I got fed up with the lackadaisical repetition when having to (re)install an AMIX image of editing files and untarring stuff with no proper tracking of what's where. So I got back into repackaging just in time for to be down for the day.

The pkg* tools are actually quite good, properly documented with example scripts available on the Web, and allow for pre and post install script running. Now I can use ksh as my shell without having to retype stuff or whatever, right out of the box once the amix-postinstall package is installed. I currently get the files over via ftp, since that's somewhat reliable, but that does means configuring the network interface manually just once.

My amix-postintall.0.1.m68k.pkg.tar.gz should be untarred to /tmp, then just run
pkgadd -d $PWD
to install. It sets up networking properly for use in WinUAE/FS-UAE, gets you ksh setup with a decent prompt for root and user noth (you can modify all this) including history when used in xterm. It also deletes from /etc/rc2.d the scripts that take up ram for nothing, links from /etc/init.d my netstart script that sets up aen0, and adds then runs the Y2K patched setclk in /sbin so your clock is ok. BTW, at install, do set a date sometime in the 90s, not 1970. 1970 seems to screw some stuff up.

All further packages should also be untarred to /tmp so they don't suck up space in /var/spool/pkg and you can just the pkgadd add them all to the OS in /usr/local . The exception to that may be when I repackage gcc-2.4 so it's not in the way of (my dl'd package from the failsure site appears to be corrupted, need to do that again).

All of this is available on the EAB file server in ~Uploads/Noth . You know what to do.

In other news I've found a site+cd about Xview and Open Look stuff, which is why I'm rebuilding my system images from scratch so they're ready for the task of trying to at all manage to compile some actual OpenLook apps. Who knows, something might actually work... Have a horrible feeling not even X11R5 will be enough though. All current efforts are at getting the OS ready with X11R4, before I go back at messing with R5.

FS-UAE users, you may find you're working in xterm in X11 just because we don't have slirp portforwarding (yet?). It's sooooo much easier being able to login remotely and be able to copypaste at will the normal way. Plus FTP access of course.

If you have any (commandline) apps you're really really missing, leave me an answer in this thread (with link to the tarball) and I'll see what I can do.

Output from my current 2.1p2a system's package manager:

root@amix:/tmp # pkginfo
system      Cdev           C Development system
archivers   GNUgzip        GNU gzip 1.3.5
archivers   GNUtar         GNUtar 1.14
system      Xbasic         X Window System basic components
system      Xcore          X Window System essential components
system      Xdev           X Window System development tools
system      Xsource        X window source code - X11R4
system      Xtras          X extras
system.esse amix           AMIX essential postinstall
system      bsd            Berkeley compatiblity package
archivers   bzip2          bzip2 1.0.2
system      conf           Kernel configuration package
system      core           Amiga Unix essential components
utils       findutils      findutils 4.1
lang        gcc            gcc 2.7
utilities   grep           grep 2.0
tools       make           make 3.62
system      man            On-line manual pages
system      net            Networking commands and daemons
system      olcore         Open Look
system      oldev          Open Look development tools
tools       patch          patch 2.5.9
lang        perl           perl
system      public         Shareware and public domain utilities
netutils    rsync          rsync 2.6.3
system      sysadm         System administration utility
system      terminfo       Support for non-Amiga terminals
system      text           Text processing tools
netutils    wget           wget 1.3.5
P.S.: Your /etc/vfstab will be updated to automount the /dev/dsk/c6d0s4 partition to /home, if you have one. You might want to ajust that if you don't have one or are used to mounting it elsewhere.

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