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Originally Posted by grelbfarlk View Post
Maybe someone has an A1200 accelerator to donate too. Hey someone want to donate an A1200 040/060 Accelerator so Marlon can port Sheepshaver/GemRB and FPSE?

I'm about 60%/85%/0% done on those anyway, it should only take him a week!
Hah, wouldn't that be great? I could probably do a lot of groundwork on PC and trying it in UAE. But my experience with running WarpOS ports compiled with newer tools, that work on real hardware, on UAE have been disastrous and never want to work properly. :/

I could also focus on getting stuff to either work on MorphOS or 68k Classic and then make the rest of the changes later to get it to run on WarpOS.

I'm so peeved that there's no proper cross tools for WarpOS, such a shame! There would certainly be much more ports for these cool cards if the toolset was there. Has anyone contacted H&P to get hold of the sources for the older toolset? Just getting hold of the sources of Elf2exe2 would go a long way.
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