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Thank you for the add

Oldtime Amiga user here.

Owned a 500, a 1000, a 2000, then finally a 1200 before Amiga went Belly up.

Ran a BBS named the Edge Of Forever, based in California for a few years, on CNet.

Recently picked up AmigaForever2016 (I don't recommend updating it) and have had a great deal of fun just retro gaming. (Mostly CANNON FODDER!)

Tried installing WinUAE, then to create a virtual Workbench. Did not go well. Gave up after awhile, tried re-installing, as per AIAB (which has to be the most frustrating experience I've dealt with...) - wondered - is there a simpler way to go about setting up a solid emulator?

What does everyone recommend? (I'm happy enough with the AF2016 for gameplay, but I'd love to go back to goofing around with my old miggy through emulation...)

Cheers, and a very Merry Christmas to those celebrating it!
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