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Best alternative to replace VXL-30

Since I can't find a solution to replace the bad memory chips on my old VLX-30/Ram-32 for my A500 I need to find a good alternative. What is really the best option right npw? I would have loved an unpopulated TF530 since I already have the CPU and FPU for it but it only has 2MB ram, something I felt was to little back in the day with the VXL card.

As I see it the choise is between an ACA500 and the Witcher 500i Ex. Since I prefer to be able to use the side port for my GVP HD8+ controller, because I have an external SCSI CD-Rom and a syquest drive I want to be able to use, it seems the Witcher is the only real choise.

Is there another internal accelerator that I have missed that could be an alternative?
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