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Reading 1.44m pc disks on Amiga 1.76m drive

I've installed a FZ-357A inside my A1200 for testing. Tried formatting the disk in PC CMD. copied some files there. Now how do I make the Amiga read that high density disk?

Do I need to install the newer version of CrossDos? (I think I have the one that came with os3.9 installed on my Amiga) Right now there is pc0 and pc1 but they look like they are for 720kb disks. what should the mountlist be for high density pc disk?

EDIT: it works after I installed Crossdos7 Gold. Just need to figure a way out how to upgrade the 7.02 files to 7.04. It gurus right now when I try to. I guess something related to spatch.

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