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Who here still updates MAME

I was having a look at the most recent MAME ROM set and it's HUGE now - something like 160GB for everything?

My last complete set is 0.106, which is a more manageable 55GB complete (art, CHDs, ROMS etc.).

The additions since then have mainly been CHD files and 3D ROMS. I don't see any reason to update MAME anymore after 0.106 as the games are of no interest to me.

The few that I am interested in, like Daytona, Virtual Racing, SFIII, etc, I've just downloaded as stand-alones either for MAME or a separate dedicated system board emulator which tend to run better.

0.106 just seems to be a great pack. It was the last one before they begun huge re-writes of the code removing hacks and optimizations, added video hardware scaling and removed the highscore system. The majority of the classic older 2D ROMS from 0.106 still work in MAMEUI 0.132 anyway and if you need any newer features the ones that don't are easily replaced.

Anyone else still persevere with chasing the MAME updates? Probably a few, as I know you're all ROM whores!

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