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Originally Posted by Angus View Post
I thought I'd configured AmiSSL (for AWeb APL) but not according to Yam
AmiSSL is only used for downloading messages. If the messages show up in your Inbox, AmiSSL should be configured properly.

and everytime I do almost anything, like look at a message, another window comes up saying there are 50 errors (something about an image)
What's the exact error message?

Does it have to download all the messages or is there a way of just getting new ones?
POP3 doesn't make a difference between 'read' and 'unread' mails. Some clients store local information about what mails they already downloaded, so they don't download the same mail several times. I don't know if YAM does that, and it wouldn't be of much use the first time you download mail anyway.

I was hoping for a nice little elegant email program, but I think I might have bitten off more than I want to chew. :-)
Like I said, POP3 and IMAP don't work well together. SimpleMail - which supports IMAP - would be a better choice - but personally, I wouldn't trust it with my actual inbox.

I'd forget about mail, if I were you. Even if you get it running, the lack of a sync'ed addressbook will become annoying quite soon.
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