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YAM only does POP3, make sure your provider still supports that before investing more time.

If BT supports POP3, be aware that POP3 by default means "download all mail from the server, then delete it from the server". You can reconfigure it to only download the mail and not delete the copies on the server - if your forget to do that before fetching mail with YAM for the first time, your Outlook inbox is suddenly going to be empty (because "IMAP" stands for "only create local copies of the mails on the server and constantly sync their read/unread, deleted/undeleted, junk/noJunk status with the server").

Using IMAP capable clients on all of your devices would be a much better approch - this way, the inbox - and whatever other folders you have - always look the same everywhere. The only Amiga client supporting IMAP is SimpleMail, but it's a bit of a hit and miss. Some people allegedly got it working reliable - I never did. I'm not sure I'd trust it with my main mailbox.
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