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Sorry IC, but i genuinely beleive you are showing a double standard here. Many games have -already- been "playable" with PSPUAE, but it hasnt been perfect, and now a few FPS faster at the massive expense of functionality, and you are singing praises.

I have not denied this UAE4ALL is faster, but it is not a great deal faster. (if you ignore the sound for a moment) - The is still the requirement of frameskip on EVERY game, and yes you used the phrase "full speed" - which it is not. (else why would you need skip?) - the moment you use "throttle" to get your speed (an option btw, that is featured already in PSPUAE called "CPU Chipset Ratio" - although many people seem to chose not to use it) - you find the sound begins to pitch down, and you will find other side effects such as jittering when the screen becomes busy - i would have thought someone such as yourself would not be satisfied with this, since you were very quick to make such criticism of PSPUAE previously.

For me, there are plenty of reasons why its unplayable, no joystick / mouse mapping/changes, and no keyboard mapping. These are a -must- for portable emulation, where input options are at a minimum. At the moment, you cant even chose to use the joystick on the d-pad rather than the analogue stick.

as i say, i applaud the efforts of this emulator, and really want to see it developed further, i just dont like a double-standard of this being "brilliant" becuase it is marginally faster, when there are a lot of other issues with it that PSPUAE has already resolved.
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