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I didn't know it back in the 1980's and 1990's, but there actually were surprising number of graphics solutions which offered high numbers of colours on screen or (pseudo) high/true colour. There were even PC ISA cards to do so back in 1984 (such as the Number Nine Revolution 512x8 and 512x32 as seen here

Now these were not aimed at the consumer market and certainly wouldn't have been useful for games, so it's understandable no one remembers them, but they did exist.

Was a surprise to me when I found out, I used to think that higher colour options only became available for PC a lot later.

I guess it's fair to say then that the Amiga made these things affordable and offered a consumer friendly version of graphics abilities that used to be limited to the professional market. Not to mention it was most likely better at animation & moving graphics about than systems based on these cards.
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