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The A4000 would need to be upgraded to the Falcons specs, the DSP chip being the main thing.

The Falcon cost roughly £500, yet the A4000 cost at least £1000, without the upgrades it would need for the Falcons other stuff.

And I think all Falcons ever sold had 4 mb's of RAM.

Anyway, the OS for the Falcon was some sort of psydo-cross breed with TOS and Unix. Probably because the ST was my first computer I can't see anything wrong with TOS anyway.

It's standard GFX mode (Not counting all the ST modes keeped for compatability) was 640x480 with 256 colours (SVGA).

The AGA chipsets was VGA (320x2** with 256 colours) wasn't it?

The AGA chipset was capable of displaying more colours, your right there, but other than displaying pictures what else could you do with HAM-8 mode?

As the Zarkmiester say's the Falcon would be quite happy doing anything displaying all the colours it could.

And IMO the Archimedies was far better technically than any Amiga or Atari computer anyway, it's just a shame the were killed by the British school system.

Who in their right mind would want to buy what they used at school, just Imagine the name calling

BTW I'm not pro the Falcon, it just seems better (Technically) than an equivalent Amiga.

Ohh, almost forgot, in my search for information about the Falcon earlier I stumbled across this site:-

If you haven't seen it before it's quite informative, click on the museum bit. Very interesting, well to me anyway

I learnt something from there, a top site IMO. My appolgise if you've already seen it

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