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Yes, but I do recall an interview from "The One" magazine previewing games like Ambermoon, or No 2nd Prize 2 (I think), & their programmers were adamant that the Falcon was better than the AGA Amigas' especially in terms of 3D capabilities.
But, you did need a Hard disk & at least a few meg,(I think my mate's falcon had 4meg to get the best out of it.).
But it's soundchip was vastly improved.
My memories are hazy now, but I seem to recall seeing a couple of demo's which were quite impressive.
I think it's 65000 colour mode was a realtime thing, not like the HAM mode of the Amiga.
I'm not Atari fan mind you!! But like Retroman said, no software, no marketing,no Atari & ultimately a useless machine!
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