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Original disks that I have. No boxes/manuals unless stated. Amiga Tenstar Pack came free with my A500. Other free disks are noted as such.

After The War (D.L.M.)
Amegas (Pandora) (Amiga Tenstar Pack #1)
Art Of Chess, The (SPA) (Amiga Tenstar Pack #2)
Barbarian (Palace) (Amiga Tenstar Pack #3)
Bad Company (Logotron)
Batman The Movie (Ocean - Free with A500) (2 disks)
Bonanza Bros (US Gold)
Buggy Boy (Elite) (Amiga Tenstar Pack #4)
Continental Circus (16 Blitz Plus) (BUDGET LABEL)
Double Dragon (Virgin - from Edition One Compilation)
Double Dragon II (Virgin)
Fire And Ice (2 disks) (Graftgold)
Gauntlet III (3 disks) (US Gold)
Gemini Wing (Virgin - from Edition One Compilation)
Golden Axe (Virgin)
Ikari Warriors (Elite) (Amiga Tenstar Pack #5)
Insanity Fight (Microdeal) (Amiga Tenstar Pack #6)
Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker (Virgin)
Manic Miner (Software Projects)
Newzealand Story (Ocean - Free with A500)
Operation Wold (2 disks) (Hitsquad) (BUDGET LABEL)
Pinball Mania (3 disks) (21st Century - free with A1200)
Puggsy (4 disks) (Psygnosis) (boxed, manual, A+ condition)
Pushover (2 disks) (Ocean - free with friends A600)
Silkworm (Virgin - from Edition One Compilation)
Skull & Crossbones (Tengen)
Star Breaker (Arc)
Super Street Fighter II (5 disks)(Capcom) (boxed, manaul, A+ condition)
Terrorpods (Psygnosis) (Amiga Tenstar Pack #8)
Thundercats (Elite) (Amiga Tenstar Pack #9)
Vital Light (2 disks) (Millenium) (boxed, no manual, intact poster)
Whizz (2 disks) (Flair - free with A1200)
Wizball (Ocean) (Amiga Tenstar Pack #10)

Please also note that all coverisks (mentioned in threads above) are originals. Plus I have many many more which are already on TOSEC.
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