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Sorting through my disk collection

Tonight I have started sorting through my collection of Amiga disks (over 800).

I will continue to provide a update of my disk sorting in this thread.

I do not have the time to check for alternates. If the game is already listed in TOSEC, it goes in my "don't dump" box.

I have completed sorting through all games and coverdisks I have.

I still have many apps, demos, compilations & PD to sort.

I will also list originals I have for donation to CAPS.

I am not sure what I'll do with all my disks once I've dumped them - I guess the only ones with any real value for collectors are the original magazine coverdisks and original games (which sadly all lack manuals and boxes).

These are all the non-TOSEC Coverdisks I have, see post below for my games.

AMIGA SHOPPER COVERDISKS: (I told you I was a big Amishopper fan !)

Issues 21, 23, 25, 27, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45A, 45B, 46, 47A, 47B, 47C, 48A, 48B, 48C, 49A, 49B, 49C, 50A, 50B, 50C, 51A, 51B, 51C, 52A, 52B, 52C, 53A, 53B, 53C, 54A, 54B, 54C, 55A, 55B, 55C, 56A, 56B, 56C


19, 24a, 24b, 30b, 53a, 59a, 63b, 66b, 72b, 74b, 77a, 77b


Coverdisks 1 (this might already be there as CU Collection 1), 6, 19, 34


12/94A, 12/94B, 06/94, 11/93A, 11/93B, 12/94C, 06/94


Superdisk 33, Superdisk 45, Superdisk 46

STAMpede (STAM = ST AMiga) / rAMpage (it's succesor after they dropped the ST....haha !). From what I recall these magazine disks were quite well protected as most of the content was on the disks and you only had a few pages of the mag. My newsagents stopped stocking it after Issue 5 - I guess it went bust, probably because I was the only guy buying it !!

STAMpede Issue 2, Disk 1
STAMpede Issue 2, Disk 2
rAMpage Issue 3, Disk 1
rAMpage Issue 3, Disk 2
rAMpage Issue 4, Disk 1
rAMpage Issue 4, Disk 2
rAMpage Issue 5, Disk 1

I'll start dumping these over the weekend and upload to my FTP. I'll notify you on my FTP thread when I have some stuff there. Anybody from TOSEC will be given priority access to the FTP.

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