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Sound speed issues.


I'm new to the forum and couldn't find any help with search.

So I have rev.5 A500 with GVP HD8+ (2 Mb RAM) and 512 kb in the trapdoor slot. I installed Kickstart 3.1 and made 1 Mb Chip-RAM mod (8372A Fat Agnus from my old broken rev.6 A500) .

The problem is that now I get increased (too fast) sound speed in most games. I turned the chip-RAM extension off but it didn't solve the problem. So I assume that the problem is with the KS 3.1. Is there anything I can do to solve this or do I have to get a KS switch as I also have KS 1.3?

The second problem or more of a question is that is it possible to save the boot options so that it always boots in PAL-mode as now I have to always go to boot menu and set the PAL-mode on.

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