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Originally posted by Shadowen

Which release of Cardiaxx has that copy protection- Electronic Zoo, Team 17 or both?
Electronic Zoo release, we do not have a dump of the Team17 version...


With the names of copy protection schemes used, sometimes you can find some reference to it in the game credits (in-game or in the docs). Other times the name may be embedded in bootblocks or game code. However, as you've said, mostly they are unknown and will remain that way unless software houses/coders have discussed them in old Amiga magazine articles or more recently on the net. Pity that information about Amiga copy protection isn't
Yeah, well you never know - somebody should to put a site together to standardise the names of all the copy protection schemes on the Amiga. They could even try to trace down authors / publishers to get information.

Any takers?

Nah... Thought not.

It would be a nice resource though - imagine - a site devoted to documenting copy protection on floppy based formats - with detailed specs of how they work and such like. Hehe, perhaps demand might not to great for this - but I would enjoy it!

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